Trying On My Thinking Caps

I’m sitting here in my new striped pajama pants—that would be a horizontal stripe—that I just got from my J Crew order, but more importantly I’m wearing a hat on my head. Not that it’s that cold at my place. And yes I am wearing a top, just in case you’re wondering. It’s not that kind of blog here. I needed to decide which of two recently purchased hats I should be returning—I don’t tolerate wool very well—so the best way to figure out which hat I can wear is to try them on for long periods at a time. Right now I have a gray cashmere hat on from J Crew—it’s sooooft, it’s a pleasure to have on, it barely itches my super sensitive skin but looks-wise, it’s just dull and gray. The other hat, which I’ll switch into right now actually, is made with super soft wool by SmartWool. Looks wise: way cute (see scan below) but yes, a little itchy after a while. Under normal circumstances, I might just keep both of them but I went a little bit crazy last week and also put aside a Harricana aviator hat lined with recycled raccoon fur, which a non-refundable deposit. In my defense, the showroom happens to be a block away from my place and I’ve had my eye on those hats for a good five years now, but yes, all that conspicuous consumption is damn near crazy especially considering that I lose sleep at night wondering what I’ll live on when I’m older and grayer.

I’ve decided I should take the saying “Let me put my thinking cap on” literally to see if wearing one of the two hats—or maybe both of them at once—helps me write my way to a better place with my NaNoWriMo novel. I’m not concerned about meeting my 50,000 word count since I’m doing great as far as that goes. Quantity has never been my problem as any regular reader of this blog must know. But this year, I started with a good story idea and I thought I’d take advantage of NaNoWriMo to help me dash off a first draft as quickly as possible, so I could then continue working on what would be my first novel. But for the past few days it’s been impossible to ignore that no matter how fun it is to write, my story is going nowhere fast. My writer mom has already sent me some great advice such as re-examining my characters and their motivations and also rethinking what made me want to write this story in the first place. I’ll be sure to give it a go—just as soon as the thinking cap has done it’s job.

In the meantime I’d rather goof around and try on clothes (that fit) and look at my My eBay page every couple of minutes since the bidding for the very first item I’ve put up for sale is ending soon. I’m praying for a bidding war because as it is, I’m basically giving that handbag away. In the J Crew order I got today there were two pairs of corduroy pants which I was sure wouldn’t fit—although I did order sizing to fit my current body and when I tried them on, they both fit perfectly. Which I can’t say about every other pair or pants and jeans in my wardrobe which look like they’re cut for a doll (was I ever really that small?) and even though I had said I don’t want to buy anything in my current size, the fact is I can’t be wearing yoga pants and sweats all the time (especially at work—hello?). But the moment I decided to keep them, the first thought that ran through my head was “Oh cool! Now I can eat more of my oatmeal cookies!” the second thought was “Yes, I will go run it all off at the gym soon enough”. And yes, I will share the cookie recipe on my next post, I’ve got the pics taken and ready to go.

Drawing taken from SmartWool logo


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