Thirteen Things on My Mind Today [#30]


I have a lot on my mind today but it seems to revolve around a few basic themes…

1. Someone bought my scanner on eBay this week, which is great news! Only figuring out how to pack that thing securely and not charging an arm an a leg more than my misguided original quote to ship it is giving me a headache.

2. Waiting for the phone to ring any moment now. The guy at the UPS store said he’ll call me back. UPS sells packing materials. UPS also does the packing for you (if needed). And hey! UPS delivers too! Fancy that!

3. I think I’m finally starting to get sick of my cookies and apple crisps. They’re giving me heartburn now, which is actually a good thing. Makes them less appealing for sure.

4. Not sure if that extends to all sweets yet. I’ll still have to bake a banana bread tonight so I don’t have to toss out my bananas which will also be a good test to decide whether I should rule out all sweets or not. If my tummy still hurts after scrumptious banana bread, that means I’ll only be able to eat small amounts once in a while as opposed to pigging out every day. Gee, why would anyone want to do that?

5. I look at my body out of clothes and it looks fine. Curvier than ever and some might think I’m pregnant, while others would think Rubenesque but I’m sort of okay with it. It’s comforting in a way. But when I put on clothes, it’s a whole other story.

6. Speaking of clothes, I’m wearing my new cashmere sweater that just got delivered by the UPS man today. It’s soooooft. And it fits great now, and will just be looser later when everything shrinks back to normal. It’s a Chamois color which is a neutral somewhere between beige and brown. At J Crew they call it Vicuna which I thought was a made-up name until I looked it up. I want to start a collection and buy them in a whole bunch of other colors, but I’m exercising restraint. So far.

7. One reason I need to exercise financial restraint is I’ve decided it’s time to seriously upgrade my computer equipment. It’s been on my mind for a couple of years, but it’s a tough call to make. This eMac, given to me by my mom some years ago has been really great (and completely free!), and I still look upon it fondly, though it’s so slow I want to tear my hair out sometimes. Hanging on to it also means I’m stuck in the stone age and lost in the land of incompatibility.

8. As it happens, I walked into the new Apple store downtown this week and I’m determined to get the absolute latest generation of MacBook Pro. With all the bells and whistles. Up to 2.53 GHz, up to 4GB memory, 15-inch screen, loaded with Leopard and so much more, if I start listing all of it, I’ll sound like and ad. But do feel free to check it out here. oh yeah baby, that laptop KICKS ASS. How much bells and whistles I actually get will depend on whether I can get a great deal on eBay or not. I might have to “settle” for 2.4 GHz and 2GB (which is totally upgradeable). Yes, Macs are expensive but they’re just so worth it. I would have a serious identity crisis if I had to switch to anything else—I’ve been a loyal supporter and user for close to 30 years. Who said I can’t sustain long-term relationships?

9. I’ve never owned a laptop before. I wonder what it’ll be like doing stuff on the computer from all kinds of different locations and not having to sit in this same spot in my living room seeing the same things in my peripheral vision every day. If I were a cat, that much change would freak me out, but I’m not a cat, I keep reminding myself.

10. UPS guy sure is taking his time…

11. I have great music on my playlist, but all the folksy blues I listen to most of the time is depressing the hell out of me. I may end up finding motivation to go to the gym just so I can run to all those speedy groovy beats I’ve got loaded and ready to go on my iPod Shuffle. I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to run at first, but that’s beside the point.

12. I have to kick my own ass up that hill and go to that gym already. I mean… not right NOW, but like, this week. I’m really good at finding stupid excuses not to go. Like: #1 I have to buy a new lock. #2 they don’t provide a towel service??? Boggles my mind. #3 It’s such a depressingly ugly place, I’d rather go to my regular gym which is stunning. #4 No way I’m going to my regular gym with all this extra weight on me, have to go to a gym where I don’t care what I look like. See how that goes? Catch-22. Keeps me home and eating cookies.

13. I’m calling back the UPS guy.

After the call: UPS guy totally made my day. They’re coming over to pick up the scanner tomorrow since I don’t have a car, and they’ll pack and ship it, all for less than my original quote and with faster service too! Isn’t it great when things work out well? :-)


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