Winter Wonderland Wevisited

from my balcony_2497.jpg

This was the view from my balcony somewhere before 4:00 pm this afternoon. I remember looking up from the computer around 3 and being amazed at how much light there still was outside and especially in the apartment, which these days is cavernous by that hour. My pictures don’t do it justice though. That kind of luminosity is difficult to capture. It was all because of the snow of course, which had been falling softly for 36 hours or so. When we Montrealers woke up on Tuesday morning, it was our first Winter Wonderland of the year. To think the year is almost over… well I’d rather not. Instead I just keep myself busy. Lately, as some of you already know, I took up selling on eBay. This week I even opened up my own little store! For now it’s just an extension of last summer’s garage sale so I’m mostly concentrating on emptying my drawers and closets. I’ve sold quite a few items already, not bad for a beginner. This week, my holey old cashmere sweaters aren’t garnering quite as much interest, so I’m taking that as a personal challenge and decided I WILL find a marketing angle that’ll grab a buyer or two. Everyday I’m taking photos of new items and writing up ads and answering buyer’s questions. Even had to order some boxes from a wholesaler because it was becoming impractical to source them at stores every time (without a car it’s just punishing). It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun too, so even though I’m not exactly making wads of cash, it’s still worth the experience. And my closets are finally getting almost decluttered enough that I can open the doors without the risk of starting an avalanche. Almost. My goal is to sell stuff until I’ve actually created enough space to put NEW stuff in. That might not be the challenge of the century, but it’s something. If you want to check out my store, by all means drop by at FYI, the layout isn’t exactly up to my standards but it was: use one of their lame templates or teach myself HTML in a couple of days so I could create my own. I’ll let you guess which option I went with.


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