And This is What an Israeli Winter Looks Like

Israeli winter
winter in Israel
My uncle sent me these totally cool photos the other day. He shot them in response to the one I put up on my last post with the caption “This is Winter from our balcony”. The balcony being of course, around Tel-Aviv. The funny thing is, people complain about how cold it gets there in the winter. I’d say they’re pussies (as in pussy cats of course) but having lived there a hundred and fifty years ago now, from what I remember it’s true that it actually gets very cold in the winter. And if you know Israelis at all, that last thing you’d say about them is they’re pussies. Dogs maybe. But not pussies.

Maybe it’s the contrast with the scorching summer, maybe it’s the fact that all the housing is built to stay cool and fresh to deal with said hot hot hot summers—who knows? From a distance I can laugh and say they have no idea what COLD is. But aside from all that, man would I love to look out my window and have a view like that all year round! All plants and greenery. No neighbours. Sweet.

Pics by Pini


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