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I’m starting off the year with a great book selection: Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore describes a 15 year-old who decides to call himself Kafka Tamura when he escapes from home one day. Though he’s decidedly a bookworm and likes to spend the better part of the day reading, his adventure is filled with intrigue and mystery. I can’t decide whether I’m more hooked on the adventures of Kafka or those of Nakata, a simple-minded old man who specializes in finding missing cats thanks to his ability to carry on conversations with felines. One house cat he runs into is this beautiful siamese called… Mimi of course and Nakata must choose to kill a man or let Mimi die a gruesome death (he might be a simpleton, but some choices are easy to make even for him). One thing I’ll say about Murakami is that he is never boring and always manages to dish out things you would never expect. I think this may be my favorite book of his so far. I’ll take that over listening to depressing news any day.


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