Here Comes the Fitness Queen

Today, after a long therapy session during which doing exercise seemed to be the answer for all that ails me these days, I finally marched over to that cardio gym and got myself properly signed up. Then I went to buy myself a lock so I wouldn’t have any excuse keeping me from going. Most gyms offer a free session with a trainer, and while I’ve tried it in the past, I’ve decided it’s not worth the time since all too often I end up knowing about as much about training as the trainers do. The trainers that I saw while I was there didn’t exactly inspire confidence either. While I don’t expect all trainers to look like Mr. Universe, it’s hard for me to take fitness advice from someone who’s got a potbelly that’s bigger than mine. The manager who was signing me up kept mentioning that I should really give it a try, especially after she saw that my fitness goal was to lose the 20-30 lbs or so that I’ve gained these past 18 months, saying that they might be able to give me a few helpful tips and pointers. I don’t like to show off, but at that point I just leaned in close to her and said “in a former, much leaner lifetime, I was a fitness competitor, so I think I’ll figure my way around”. She looked at me completely differently after that and didn’t mention the trainer thing again.

I think I’ll pack my gym bag tonight and leave it by the door. All I’ve got to do after that is take the bag and walk me and my big belly up the hill, change into a t-shirt and sneakers, plug into my iPod Shuffle, position myself at any available cardio machine and then… just do it. Just 30 minutes, 3 times a week is my goal for starters, then we’ll take it from there. But first of course, I’ve got to make sure I physically get myself there. Lord knows why I resist it so much since I love exercising when I get into it. Fear of change? Maybe. Probably. But my fear of obesity is even greater, so I’ll do whatever I’ve gotta do. Starting tomorrow. Maybe.

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