Gym Break

I’m being punished today. This is what 18 months of not doing any exercise gets me. I finally managed to drag myself back to the gym and now I can barely walk. I keep thinking I should have taken it easy, shouldn’t have pushed too far, but the truth is I did and I didn’t. Ran a total of 6 minutes (if that!) during my 30 minute treadmill session and the rest I just walked. Like those people I used to look at with a mixture of disgust and pity. Who lets themselves get out of shape like that? I used to wonder. Well apparently, people like me. And so today I was walking around bent in half because my back is in so much pain. And the weird part is I don’t recall doing anything that could have harmed my back, so go figure. But of course exercise is GOOD for you. Still, I think I’ll give myself a gym break tomorrow. The idea is to do exercise so I can feel better. Not end up in a wheelchair.

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