Treadmill Therapy

Today was a small victory of sorts. I woke up this morning more determined than ever to finally make use of my gym membership. So I went, I squeezed into my gym clothes, and I cardioed. I knew I was woefully out of shape even before I got on the machine, so just set a goal to stay on it for 30 minutes, whether that meant running or walking or crawling. The real shock came when I broke into a jog and everything started jiggling—I was mortified when I felt my stomach was flapping against me—not something I’ve ever experienced before. I was glad for the long baggy t-shirt covering up all my extra curves and rolls. But then when I headed back to the women’s locker room, I saw this other girl getting ready next to me and that pretty well put everything into perspective. There was no getting around the fact that she was huge. And my first thought was how brave she is to put on gym clothes and do her best to stay healthy in a club where just about everybody is bound to be half her size. Which made me feel ridiculous for switching gyms so that people at my regular gym wouldn’t see me with the 20-30 extra pounds on my frame. As if anybody cared. Now it’s many hours later and I can still feel the effects of the exercise. Mostly my back—as if I’ve been moving boxes all day. So good for me. Now I just have to keep doing that 3-4 times a week like, forever and I’m set!

Right after the gym I took Mimi to the vet. I was concerned she might have an upper respiratory problem because she often sounds like she’s snoring, even when she’s wide awake. The vet pretty much reassured me she was fine for now and we’d only take action if her breathing problem worsened. I mentioned Fritz and the fact that he’s started peeing everywhere just out of the blue, and he just looked at me and said, “once you rule out urinary tract problems, if it’s behavioural, there’s not much you can do, take my word for it”. I said “are you sure?” which is when he told me he has three male cats which are all marking their territory in the house. I said something like “don’t you just want to kill them when they do that?”. He just gave me this look like, “yep, I know what you’re talking about.” Maybe I should just get him his own little treadmill so he can work out his frustrations, poor dear.


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