A Special Occasion

“A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.”
~ Marilyn Monroe

Had an appointment today with my psychiatrist—a very special occasion since I hadn’t been able to see her in months. I guess the thinking is as long as I’m taking the drugs, everything is under control and appointments with the shrink need only happen to make prescription changes. Main topic of conversation was my brilliant career, or how to get myself from here to there again. She gave me a note to give to the insurance people to buy me more time while I follow up on my homework and make strategic phone calls to figure out what’s what. Phone calls I can handle. I think. I find it hard to believe that anyone will have me after being gone so long, but apparently that’s the way the system works; as long as I keep taking the drugs I’m allowed to stay in the system and hold on to my lifestyle. For what it’s worth.

Photo by Murray Garrett

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