A Sweet Visit


My friend K came over on Friday afternoon saying she had a little something for me. We hadn’t had the opportunity to see each other since the fall so I was looking forward to her visit. The “little something” turned out to be this beautifully packaged assortment of Christmas cookies she’d reserved from the batches she had baked with her daughter and they were so pretty that I thought I should take pictures before devouring them. They were made following Martha Stewart cookie recipes so apart from being beautiful I knew they’d be excellent—first because K made them and then because I had the occasion of baking cookies from Martha Stewart recipes too and the results were always quite very good. The trick to doing any sort of Martha Stewart project I learned, is to accept the fact from the get-go that the results will never look as perfect as hers and allow yourself to take some liberties.

We made some tea and sat in the living room like proper ladies to catch up on things. It so happened I had received my ginormous box of foods from NutriSystem that morning (more about that later) and had decided to start the program the following day, so I was basically free to eat all the cookies I could comfortably fit in my tummy. That’s quite a few, but it was definitely worth it. I managed to save up two or three of them so I can satisfy a craving if ever I tire of the program. I think the baking and giving of Christmas cookies is one of my favorite traditions for that holiday. I like those beautiful sugary confections so much that I think the baking and sharing of Christmas cookies should be a tradition year-round.


Pics by Smiler (last pic taken from my phone camera)

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