This is How Mimi Copes with Life


We’ve had another great Canadian winter storm today. I wasn’t particularly affected since I was just doing my own thing on the computer, but I know it must have been hell driving around and getting places on time today. Mimi here displays how to best deal with the situation. Since burying her lovely little head in the snow is not an option, Mimi the ostrich-cat prefers the living-room couch which is a great deal more comfortable. I might have considered going outside to play in the snow myself today but now I fear just setting foot outside my apartment can bring about injury and pain. I had a small errand to run yesterday and with hands full and having just put on my coat and boots on (+ hat + gloves + scarf + cashmere socks) I stepped out onto the staircase leading to the front door and next thing I knew my foot wasn’t making contact with anything and the back of my head hit the step as I was tumbling down down down. Good thing that staircase is relatively short because it was over in an instant and when I opened my eyes again I immediately felt each point of impact making it’s presence known. I wished the cats could speak or have feelings of empathy then, just to hear them say “are you okay?” and as it turns out, I’m fine, just have a nasty bruise just around where my plumber crack would be which mean I won’t be wearing low-riders for a while. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized my head and no bumps or scrapes and wasn’t hurting either because I still remember the loud crack my skull made on that ledge and I’ve decided it was the hat that saved me. It’s a really great hat, kind of Russian-style with fur on the front and on the ears, which can be worn up or down. I got it because it’s very warm but mostly because it looks great, but now I’ve discovered it also has another very practical application which is to keep me from getting brained when I’m going about my daily business. I think I should just follow Mimi’s example. Looks comfortable enough. And let’s not forget—safe too.

Pic by me


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