little things that make me happy

I’m living proof that progress is not linear. I start doing the right thing and before you know it I slide back into old habits. I manage to overcome huge challenges, only to end up being overwhelmed by seemingly smaller ones. One second I’m on top of the world and the next I’m trying to hang on to the other side of it… I could beat myself up about it, and there are plenty of times when I do. But then there are plenty of times when I just let myself off the hook and focus on finding little bits of happiness here and there. Yesterday there happened to be a nice light inside the apartment, a very rare thing at anytime but especially in mid-winter. I grabbed my camera and went hunting around my place to photograph things that give me some measure of pleasure.

The cats sitting on their kitchen stool.

Neatly stacked cashmere sweaters.

An accessory that looks like it cost more than it actually did.

Quality organic products.

Horn-rimmed glasses with little feet on them—they help me see AND they’re pretty.

Mimi looking adorable in her funny poses.

A bright new springy top in the heart of winter.

My old clock which looks as good whether it’s ticking or not.

Hanging on to a few special objects that are pretty and even useful.

cat mat_2856
The cats’ place mat.

Repetition creating order. Or lazy tricks to make my place look neat.

My own little treasures (empty boxes and all).


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