“Nuit de Serendip”

Manuel Canovas_2926

“Nuit de Serendip” is the name of the scent of these Manuel Canovas candles. As I wrote on my eBay listing: “Nuit de Serendip” is a scent which envelops the senses, with floral and sensuous notes combining freesia, tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom.” I got them this week on Greene Ave, which is a small street in Westmount with a bunch of exclusive shops where rich Westmounters can pay double retail prices on upscale merchandise. There was this lovely paper store that I had stopped in once or twice over the years which was having a big closing sale—everything half-price. I grabbed a bunch of gorgeous wrapping papers—I have a collection of them and keep telling myself I’ll give out more gifts or start an art project someday—and then started looking around for things I might be able to sell on eBay. The store was half-empty but there were still all kinds of things left, like there gorgeous photo albums which cost small fortunes and some baby items that I was sure would sell and then I saw this collection of Manuel Canovas stuff which had been heavily plundered, though I managed to find these two candles which were still intact in their boxes. The scent was (and is) heavenly. Even at 50% off they were still expensive and I thought I should only buy things that I would want for myself, in case they didn’t sell on eBay as expected (happens sometimes). Somehow I doubt they’ll get sold because they aren’t what you’d call a bargain to begin with and even less so after you add on the shipping cost…

I seem to have followed my own advice on the blog this week, when I posted that quote about putting things off ‘till after tomorrow. I didn’t mean to, but then I started writing a blog post that was going nowhere and since it was late and I was tired, I just put it off and next thing you know, three days had gone by. Which is why I feel guilty about keeping scented candles for myself. You light them and before you know it 40 hours have gone by (so to speak) and all you’re left with is a jar full of soot. At least I’ve got a nice picture to remember them by. Whether I sell them or not they’ll be gone soon enough.

Photo by Smiler


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