… But Don’t Call it a Diet

Well, the good news is I’ve managed to go down a dress size over the past four weeks, but I can’t say that physical activity had anything to do with it. I’ve mentioned it in passing before but didn’t delve into the fact that I decided to try out the Nutrisystem program. The truth is I was a little bit embarrassed to talk about it because it just seems to me a little bit tacky and besides, there was no point talking about it before I’d tried it out for a while. I used to laugh at the ads and wonder what kind of people actually go for a program like that. That was before I lost the pleasure of cooking. So apparently, people like me join up all the time. I thought it would give me a head-start because I’ve gotten tired of lugging around all the extra rolls around my belly. I grew even more tired of only fitting into one pair of pants with all my best clothes sized two or three sizes smaller. So I figured while I was working up the motivation to exercise more regulary, this would give me a head start.

The prices were reasonable—I calculated it wouldn’t cost me more to feed myself on the program than doing my regular groceries. They sent me a giant box, filled with different types of packets with all my food choices air sealed so that you can just leave it in the cuppboard. I had five weeks’ worth, since they offer a “free” week when you sign up for the first time. They supply foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack which you supplement with dairy and proteins and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. The first meal I had was so gross I tossed it out in the trash after forcing myself to have a second bite. I figured it was going to be a very long five weeks if all the meals turned out to be like that. I had ordered a large variety of food selections so felt hopeful it couldn’t be all bad, especially considering that in all the testimonials people keep raving about how good the food is. Besides, if it turned out to be really bad, I could always return the rest and get my money back. The second dinner was actually pretty good which was encouraging. From one meal to the next I never knew what I was going to get, but I’d say half of it was… ok to good and the rest was mediocre to disgusting.

I should say that my taste buds were formed from a very young age, and comparing anything to my mother’s cooking… well let’s just say if Nutrisystem were as good as what she cooks up, I’d sign up to the program for life. As it is I’ve ordered those Nustrisystem foods I know are decent for another month, and they’ve offered to replace those meals I won’t eat. After that, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll continue until I’ve dropped two more sizes. Or if I can’t stand the food by then maybe I’ll take up cooking again and prepare batches of foods in advance to recreate the system in my own way, since it’s really quite well nutritionally balanced and I never go hungry or feel like I’m depriving myself. If I’m lucky maybe I’ll find a great caterer who makes tasty and healthy foods at a slim price. And if I win the lottery, I might fly in dishes from my mum fresh everyday. Either way, I doubt Nutrisystem will be making me their spokesperson anytime soon, but one way or another, I’ll find my slimmer self again.


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