Thirteen Wishes I Wish Would Come True [#32]

My participation to Thursday Thirteen has been sporadic at best, but I was inspired this time by a comment my father made, when he pointed out that one of my stated wishes had recently come true and that it might be a good idea to try wishing for things more often. I’ve made many wish lists over the years and have rarely looked back to check whether they have all come true. But moving forward, my thinking has always been “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. So I’ll ask and we’ll just see!

1. My first wish is that I’ll wish for the right things. I always worry that “you always get what you wish for” and sometimes that turns out not to be so great after all. I’d like my wishes to bring me and those I love more happiness, health and prosperity, so I guess I’ll take it from here.

2. My next wish is that I’ll figure out what it is that makes me truly happy and be able to combine plenty of whatever that is in my life from now on.

3. I wish that I could in some way ensure that my parents are well provided for as they grow older.

4. I also wish that my parents will live long lives so we’ll have plenty of time to get together and share special times together.

5. One of the things I keep wishing for in my mind is that I’ll figure out what it is I want to do for a living that will be fulfilling, will allow me to pursue other interests, and will be a very good source of income. I also deeply wish this epiphany will come to me as soon as possible and that I’ll have the courage to act on it. In fact, I wish for courage, period.

6. I wish I could figure out where I most want to live in the world and have the courage to choose that place and finally really feel at home.

7. I wish to live in a place where everywhere you look there are beautiful and inspiring things to see so that when I walk out of the house (which I will want to do often) I can walk in any direction for hours on end and feel uplifted and enchanted as opposed to dispirited.

8. I wish, with every single cell in my body that the feeling of constant mental and physical pressure and tension that has always been with me would lift once and for all. I wish I could stop taking medication for the rest of my life and live in a perpetual state of contentment.

9. I wish I would really believe, wholeheartedly believe that I DO deserve better, and that doing better could actually benefit those I care about, as opposed to taking anything away from them.

10. I wish I could do more to make a difference for the environment and for the well-being of all living creatures on the planet.

11. I wish that the wall I have always put up between other people and me would no longer feel necessary, so that I could be more sociable and not feel so awkward around people all of the time. I also wish I could stop worrying about or anticipating what other people might think about me.

12. I wish that Fritz and I could get along better, it saddens me that he seems so unhappy with me. I wish I knew what I should do to make things better for both him and I.

13. Finally, I wish… I could stop worrying about ending up alone in my old age. I wish I could just trust in life and know, really KNOW that life (or God or the Universe or whatever) truly will provide in a way that is best suited to me.

Of course, there are many more wishes I could, and probably will make. But I think I’ve covered the essentials for now. Sending it all out to the universe… we shall see what happens!


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