A Murder of Crows

Earlier this evening I felt like there was a remake of Alfred Hitchock’s The Birds beings filmed in my neighborhood. I don’t remember what kinds of birds Hitchcock had used, whether they were pigeons or seagulls or a collection of various winged creatures but it was quite obvious from the sounds in the sky and the blackened trees that thousands of crows had decided to convene in several of the tallest trees close to my apartment. I needed to get a carton of milk at the corner store but did without because I was honestly too scared of the birds to put my nose outside. Now according to the Medicine Cards, Crows are the keepers of the sacred law, their eyes are the gateway to the supernatural, and they are omens of change, among other things. I don’t suppose they were all here just to help me now, were they?

Top: Unknown, Bottom: James Alridge, A Murder of Crows (detail), 2006, David Risley Gallery


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