Night Terrors

So confused. I can still hear their cawing even though they’ve been gone for a while now. They were at it all night and well into the morning. I thought it was all a bad dream until I looked out my bedroom window and saw droves of them filling up the great big tree just outside my window. I couldn’t tell what was dream or reality even as I saw them break through the windows and come after the cats and I. After I realized it was just a bad dream, their cawing grew louder and louder until I could hear them talking to me and saying frightening things I couldn’t fully understand. And still their cawing filled the skies and my dread would not let go of me. I thought I should put in some earplugs to block out their horrible noises, but then became unreasonably attached to the bed covers, feeling certain that those evil crows would seize their opportunity the moment I exposed myself. When I did manage to block my ears, I thought I could still hear them, and this uncertainty felt even more unbearable. This went on for what seemed like days. Even the cats did not bring me any comfort—they seemed too afraid for that. Now I’ve woken up and it’s dark outside. I know I’ve lost an entire day to a bad spell of night terrors. The surrounding trees have all grown quiet again. But it’ll take a while longer for the persistent cawing to subside inside my head.


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