Springing Ahead…


Excuse me,
do you have the time?

I’m just asking because this whole Daylight Saving Time business throws me for a loop twice a year, every year, when I’m trying to figure out the time difference between here (i.e. Montreal) and other parts of the world (e.g. France and Israel) since everybody changes their clocks at different times according to various policies. Could we not ALL, i.e. all of us around the world change our clocks at the same time??? to avoid all this confusion? And that’s not taking those crazy farmers in Saskatchewan into consideration, nor a bunch of other countries and territories that never change their clocks. Sheesh. Maybe if we all had reliable time zones… I don’t know, might be a step toward achieving world peace? That’s probably overly optimistic. It’s actually likely to start more wars, seeing how humanity has dealt with trying to impose any kind of system so far (I’m thinking religious wars and genocides, for example). I bet anything there are no clocks at all in heaven. Or if there are, they’re there purely as fashion accessories but nobody ever bothers winding them or changing the batteries.

I wonder… does that mean it’s always daytime in heaven, or is it always night time? When does the sun rise and fall if there is no time at all? Or do they just have artificial lighting? That sounds kinda hellish to me… hmm…I’ll mull that one over as I go to sleep… after having changed all the clocks here first, that is.

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