On Agreement

“Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.”
~Oscar Wilde

My shrink no only agreed with me today, but spoke of an entire revamp. “A revamp?” I chuckled, “that’s the kind of thing I get paid to do for magazines”. She was talking about the drugs. Between my complaints and the results she saw on paper from the blood test results, it looks like the cocktail I’m on isn’t so great after all (no, really??). The best (but slightly scary) news I got was that my thyroid activity is on the low side—from the lithium—I knew there was something wrong with that stuff. The good news portion of this news is that I now have a perfectly good medical reason to explain why I’ve been such a lazy bum lately. So after my next appointment with her, I’ll be undergoing a major revamp. And with a little bit of luck, that might help give me enough energy to vacuum the floors.


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