Tin Hat Trio (An Auditory Exploration)

I owe this latest discovery to the Genius feature on iTunes, which suggests various artists based on items in your music library. Tin Hat Trio’s strange, quirky yet melodic sound seems perfectly suited to accompany moody indie films. They were in fact featured on the soundtrack for Everything is Illuminated , a movie based on a book by Jonathan Safran Foer, which is currently on my reading wish list. I like letting images form themselves in my mind while I listen to this strange chamber music, discovering the sounds as they emerge, unexpected, slightly off kilter, moment by moment. It seems like each song is an anthem for a small contained little world where the laws of physics don’t necessarily apply (think dreamtime). The videos look like (and probably were) produced on a shoestring, but the quirkiness is there in spades. More on YouTube and iTunes if you like.

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