Happiness is…

the cat bed

A couple of weeks ago, I realized my cats had just about everything, except for their own cat bed. So I immediately set out to the local pet shop which always carries loads of them in every colour and countless patterns. I wanted the bed to be big enough to accommodate both cats and when I got home with the huge bed I’d picked out, Fritz immediately settled into it and filled it up completely. I was glad he was so quick to adopt it, but had to pull him out of there and off I went for another walk up the hill to get an even bigger bed. The thought that they might not want to share and that I was probably wasting time and money did cross my mind. But I was worrying for nothing. Fritz lives in it day and night, but every so often I see the two of them cuddling up in there and it just melts my heart. When I’ve tried getting my camera to capture them, Mimi’s usually gotten up to follow me, so this time I just grabbed my iPhone which was within reach and… there we have it. Fritz and Mimi and me, living together in harmony. :-)

Pic by Smiler


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