Everything Must Go

Actually, the trouble is that everything did go, so I was left with little choice.
Excuse me?
I didn’t even have a chance to have a sale, because everything just got snapped up!
They were gouging out my eyes with fees on top of fees, so I just had to… end it.
End what?
My store. My eBay store. I closed it down just now, but not without a little bit of sadness in my heart. I kind of like the idea of having my own store but the trouble with having a store is that you have to keep putting inventory into it or else you find yourself with nothing to sell!
Well yes, that goes for a lot of things.
I just didn’t think I’d run out of things to sell so fast!
So why didn’t you prevent them from buying everything?
Because that’s just crazy! That thought did occur to me though. Several times. I thought: if I charge like, wayyyyyy too much for this then NO ONE will buy it and I’ll always have something to sell. Unless someone comes along and is willing to pay the price of course, and then yay, but we’re back to square one.
So that’s it? You have nothing left to sell already?
No. I mean, yes! But… odds and ends which need to be photographed and then I have to write up my little sales pitches and list them and so on…
Isn’t that what you’ve been doing all along?
Well yes, only it was exciting then because I had so many things to sell!
And now?
Less things. Though when I think about it, I’ll probably have enough to fill up a store with, which means it was really dumb of me to close it down so soon!
So then why did you close it?
Because it was empty. I sold the last item I had listed in it and I hated to think anyone might stop by and see it empty like that. Bad for business. Plus, the fees, let’s not forget the fees.
So it’s done! Taken care of, so where’s the problem?
No problem. Only I liked the name Smiler’s Bazaar… it had a ring to it. And I liked selling stuff.
So maybe you should open a new store!
With the same name?
Same name, no name, different name, whatever!
And become like, a real merchant and stuff?
Why not?
Oh no, I couldn’t. I couldn’t possibly!
Well it’s a lot of trouble isn’t it? And where would I put everything? My apartment already looks like a warehouse with all these empty boxes all over the place. And I don’t have any capital. And then what if it doesn’t work out?
That kind of thinking isn’t going to get you anywhere, friend.
Don’t I know it.

I’ll just list a thing or two and take it from there.
I just wanted to say I felt sorry about closing my store is all.
My condolences.

Photo by: Unknown

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