Black Coffee and Cigarettes

That’ll be my next diet. Just kidding. I just got off the phone with the good people at Nutrisystem. They certainly are very helpful, I’ll give them that. I’ve been on the fence about whether I should stop the program this month or if I should stomach more of their dinner entrées. At this point there are only two of their dishes that I enjoy (tacos… yum!) but I can’t be eating that every single day! The first option would mean that I would have to start planning for and cooking my meals from one day to the next, and considering how uncomfortable I am about doing that, probably risk falling back into bad habits and putting the weight back on again. The second option keeps me more or less “safe” as far as weight control is concerned but I worry my taste buds may decide to stage a revolt. Thankfully, there’s a third option, as I just found out tonight, called à la carte ordering. The perfect compromise. I can decide how many times a week I want to be cooking and order meals accordingly, which eases me back into the cooking thing, which I’ll have to do sooner or later. But most importantly, I get to keep eating their yummy desserts. Sometimes you can eat your cake and lose the weight too.

I’ve been writing this latest blog entry to the sounds of… Julie London. I decided to do a little raid on a bunch of her recordings and now can boast a rather impressive collective of her torch songs. What a beauty she was. I bet she never had to get on Nutrisystem. I wouldn’t either if I could afford my own chef. Cry Me a River is probably her most famous song, but this one’s pretty good too:


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