Big News. Sorta.

I think I might have to start making stuff up, like fiction I mean, just so I’ll have something to blog about. There was a time when my life was filled with action and encounters and drama and they could have based several season’s worth of Sex and the City episodes on anecdotes from my life, and my head was always going a million miles an hour and coming up with stuff I couldn’t talk or write about fast enough to get down. Then I got in an argument with my boss (I shouted and banged on my desk and she started screaming bloody murder, thinking I was actually about to throttle her or something. Now that was BIG drama). And then people said I was very sick and I needed to go home. And then I got on lithium* (more or less against my will, but that’s another story). And then I lost my job (apparently it wasn’t anything to do with my argument with the boss, but nobody thought to tell me about it or anything). And then… well there’s been some reading and some video games and a hell of a lot of sleeping. But no more action. No encounters, unless you count the UPS guy and the Jehova’s Witnesses and Greenpeace and the grocery store delivery guys. Which makes for less drama, other than all the doom and gloom scenarios my brain likes to concoct and which I only talk about with my therapist because nobody want to hear about that crap. But generally speaking, my brain is so slow now it’s a miracle it even manages to keep my heart and liver and kidneys and stuff going. So what’s left to blog about? This is not a hypothetical question, I’m really wondering. I mean, I don’t mind introducing you guys to all my favourite books and musical acts and random experimental photos I take but it must get old at some point? No?

*Speaking of lithium, I’m seeing my shrink this week and we’ll very likely get me on a new pill cocktail to replace the Lithium. That’s the kind of big news I have to deliver these days. But who knows? It might actually make a difference. In a good way I mean. Now wouldn’t that be special.

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