A Good, Long, Rainy Day Part 1

Rainy Day_0168
Rainy Day_0156
Rainy Day_0170
Rainy Day_0173

One good day is something to write home about these days, so two days in a row… is practically in the order of miracles. And really, yesterday and today felt just like one long day with a long nap in the middle. It’s late right now, as it always is when I’m blogging, AND I’m running on less sleep in two days than I usually get when I grab a long nap, so I will try to keep this as short and quick as possible for me, which means I’ve got a couple of hours of work ahead of me at least…

Day 1 was yesterday (i.e. Tuesday). I was going to blog about it last night but the rant about the latest author who pissed me off became more pressing as a topic. So in an attempt at brevity, here’s a list of what made yesterday a good day.

1. Good spirits of the day buoyed by the promise of the next day’s appointment with shrink, where changes in course of therapy are to be discussed.

2. I had a blood test to go to in the morning and for once I remembered to take my medication EXACTLY 12 hours before, as instructed, so the reading would be accurate as opposed to… say forgetting to take my meds altogether for two nights in a row. A MAJOR achievement for scatterbrains over here.

3. I got to put on some nice clothes and bootwear, some of which had been very tight or too small even just days ago and found they were fitting quite nicely and in some cases, even loosely (amen, the non-diet diet is paying off).

4. It being a rainy day, I ducked into a cab so I wouldn’t get to the clinic too late, though I remembered to take an umbrella with me and managed not to lose it anywhere.

5. After the blood test, I walked over several blocks in the rain to one of my favourite used book stores called The Word. On my way there I took pictures on my ever-handy iPod camera of budding greenery and random shots with a “rainy day” theme (see pics).

6. I left The Word having picked up several great titles and all in mint condition too. I brought home: A Passage to India by by E.M. Forster, Death in Venice and Other Stories by Thomas Mann (for a second reading), Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, Atonement by Ian McEwan (that specific book wasn’t on any of my lists but he writes so beautifully that I decided I’ll surely enjoy it in some way), Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (surprised myself by buying this one because I had more or less vowed not to read any of her books) and finally, a bonus since his books always get whipped off the shelves: The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, one of my favourite authors, and just about everyone else’s too these days it seems. This is the first book I read by him at least eight years ago, and definitely worth a second reading).

7. Still armed with my umbrella, decided to take the 40 minute walk in the rain to get home instead of bus or taxi.

8. Once reached downtown, decided to set aside my fears and drop by to say hello to my hairdresser, which I had been too embarrassed to call for over a year now. I was mostly worrying about her seeing me with all my extra weight on and also didn’t know what I would tell her when she inevitably asks me what I’ve been up to all this time.

9. Rearranged my plan a little bit and went close by to Holt Renfrew’s first, one of our two upscale department stores here in Montreal, where I bought a very expensive exfoliater from Chanel which I was thinking of getting anyway, but mainly just so I could get a “free” makeover. The makeup artist actually did exactly what I wanted and I walked out of there looking much less tired, more radiant and slightly more put together, though not obviously MADE UP. This gave me a nice confidence boost. I also picked up a couple of new makeup tricks which will come in handy as I think I’m almost ready to start taking care of my appearance again. Almost.

10. Conquered my stupid little fears and overblown, beaten up ego, and walked into the hair salon to say hi and book an appointment for next week, so I’ll have something to look forward to.

11. Almost next door to the salon is a divine shoe store called Mona Moore. It’s more like a studio space with a well edited selection of shoes very simply displayed on the white hardwood floor. They only carry exclusivities by some of the most talented and hippest designers and their collections are usually right off the runways. Walking into that store is like being in a Contemporary Shoe Museum where the staff obviously love well crafted shoes and are all too happy to comment on the confection details and special highlights of each model. Can’t afford any of the footwear there unless I’m willing to go into dept for a pair when they’re on sale, but sure is nice to look at. Sigh.

12. Though… wouldn’t you know it they had fabulous sunglasses at the little desk by the entrance. I tried them all on and even though I really really REALLY shouldn’t, decided to splurge and get myself yet another pair of sunglasses, to replace my savagely mutilated Stella McCartney’s R.I.P.* In any case, it seems that buying a high quality, well designed accessory or item of clothing really cinches it for me as far a “having a great day”. Which wouldn’t be a problem if money weren’t an issue, of course. But really, I didn’t spend all that much considering, because I was at some point contemplating on getting TWO pairs of aviator shades (one dark, one light—for indoors of course). But my good sense prevailed. I will only buy the second and last remaining pair if they are still available next week. :-)

13. On my way home. Feeling happy. The sun was shining too so I got to wear my gorgeous new handmade in Italy +BERYLL worn by good people aviator sunglasses.

14. Dropped into Ogilvy’s (the second upscale department store here in Montreal) to get Khiel’s lip balm. Just that. No big deal. Then decided to nab a body lotion too since I constantly need to replenish my stock for my scaly skin. Chose the one with Argan oil in it, which happens to be one of the rarest oils in the world and very much in demand these days. The smell was so divine and delicate I couldn’t resist. At the price I paid for it, I may as well spread Beluga caviar all over my body, though the lotion really does smell much better.

15. How could I forget? I WON AT THE LOTTERY!!! A whole, huge sum of $5. My first win! It’s better than a slap in the face, but I don’t think I’ll be indulging my every whim, buying a house, opening my animal rescue farm, supporting my family, jet setting around and donate time and loads of money to developing countries and worthy causes anytime soon. I should have been a socialite, but I think the question of lineage would have come into question. Also, I don’t plan on being blonde anytime soon.

16. Home sweet home where two lovely kitties (one naughty one nice) were waiting for me by the door.

17. Chilled evening at home watching tv & surfing net (as usual) + one kickass nasty rant to release any residual angst. Late to bed as usual, but for once looking forward to the next coming day.

Rainy Day_0186
I was thinking of you when I took this shot Mum. Sheinart’s everlasting mannequins.

Part 2 will have to wait till tomorrow because it always ends up taking me far too long to put these posts together and some shut-eye is needed ASAP.

* I never did write the post I was planning to write about how I was attacked at GoGo Lounge two years ago… will have to remedy to that as am still traumatized by it.

All pics by Smiler. Taken with my iPhone camera.


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