A Visit to Westcott Books

Westcott Books_0191-1
So cool, and still fully functional

Westcott Books_0196
Emma being her charming self

Westcott Books_0193

“Does the present economy worry you? Yes, very much so.
But won’t consumers buy more used as opposed to new books?

New book people don’t usually mix with used book people.”

Westcott Books is one of those places I’ve walked by literally thousands of times in the past decade. In spring and summer there are often one or two cats sitting on the sidewalk by the front door. In the winter, a sleeping cat on a pile of books is a frequent window display. Walking past this week on a beautiful sunny day, I finally turned around and went inside . The owner Terry and his cats Emma and Eliot were all most welcoming , with Eliot accompanying me to the fiction section, where he sat himself down and looked up at me with his big yellow eyes, patiently waiting for a petting. Terry didn’t seem to mind me interrupting his reading every once in a while with questions about this or that book or author (unlike some grumpy used book vendors I’ve encountered). Emma was just as sociable as her brother, as evidenced by the pic above. As cat lovers, we talked about our feline friends for a while. Yes, both Emma and Eliot are named after authors, though Terry isn’t necessarily a fan of their work. A few books in near-new condition, just the way I like them, ended up coming home with me; Sabine’s Notebook by Nick Bantock, The Last Samurai by Helen Dewitt, and The Photographer’s Wife by Robert Sole, the latter taking place in Cairo during the same period as the Cairo Trilogy (by Naguib Mahfouz) which I read last year was set, so of course it instantly became a must-read. I shall be back…

Westcott Books_0199
Eliot on break

Westcott Books
Quality Used Books Bought & Sold
2065 Ste-Catherine W.
Montreal, QC, H3H 1M6
Tel: (514) 846-4037

Pics taken by Smiler on an iPhone camera


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