Temporary Malfunction

Yesterday, by the time I realized I hadn’t posted anything, I was already in bed with the computer shut down. I have been known to get back up again to make my daily contribution to the blog, but lately that’s completely out of the question. I’m so fatigued it’s almost impossible to get anything done at all—I feel like a machine gone out of order. I did manage to get myself out of bed yesterday morning to go to my yoga session, but then once got back home ended up sleeping most of the day away. It was a beautiful and very warm day and I was feeling terribly guilty about sleeping so much, so I finally managed to talk myself into taking a walk. Can’t say I enjoyed it much since all I could think about was how tired I was and also that I should have worn shorts because I was too hot in my jeans. I really do hope all this is because of my thyroid, because then there is hope for me to get better now that we’ve started treating it. Thing is I’ve been dealing with these bouts of extreme fatigue for decades now so I’m not sure what the deal is. Gosh, look at that: I’ve been up and around for almost eight whole hours today. Time for me to get to bed for sure. So here, I’m throwing in this video of the Ross sisters* to make your visit worthwhile. The image quality sucks but my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw their “dance” routine.

*with thanks to my uncle Pini.

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