Material Girl

From the great wisdom of my years, I’ve finally understood that I’ve always held the key to my happiness, but it seemed too simple, lacked a spiritual component, so I kept searching, in vain. But I know better now. The key to Smiler’s happiness is called: Shopping. A good shopping spree must involve at least one big ticked item (a pair of designer shoes, a leather purse, sunglasses or a couch if you’re more in a décor kind of mood) with a selection of smaller luxuries thrown in for good measure (e.g. French eau de toilette, exclusive skin care products, and various lovely things that are by no means necessities but must be had by virtue of them being irresistible). That combination usually has me coasting on a little happy cloud for days and days, and can last residually for years—the lifetime of the purchased items even.

Today’s damage:
1 Haircut at one of the city’s best salons (free of charge)
2 Silk headbands from Holt’s to accessorize new haircut (much more than they’re worth)
1 Stella McCartney facial lotion
1 Makeup bag/carrier—irresistible print(also from Holt’s… i.e. $$)
1 fabulous extra large chocolate leather hobo bag from M0851 (quality investment piece)
1 olive green leather wallet, also M0851 (small investment piece)
There’s T-Shirts and Sandals too. But that stuff is from JCrew mail order and I may or may not end up returning most of it.

Result? I feel better than I ever did when I’ve supposedly been in love, better than after having a great meal (because I’ll have something to show for it for a long time and I don’t feel stuffed), better than after sex (sex? what’s that and why would anyone bother with something so disgusting? says the woman taking handfuls of antidepressant), and almost better than really good chocolate (scratch that, better than chocolate too). Never mind that I can’t afford any of it right now. If it makes me feel good, then it will eventually, directly or indirectly help me find a lucrative occupation, right? Right.

I’m so materialistic, I know. But then just like Madonna said, we are living in a material world.


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