Spring group_3084

Spring green_3042

Spring red_3060

Spring yellow_3045

The weather has been acting like a manic-depressive teenager refusing to take her meds lately. It goes from cold gray mornings to sunny mid-days to rainy windy afternoons and back to sunny evenings for good measure (with variations thereof). It does keeps things interesting… for example, no matter how you choose to get dressed, you are bound to be wearing the wrong thing for most of the day. What should you opt for? Coat? Shorts? Winter boots? Sleeveless top? Twinset? Hat and mitts? Everything goes out on the streets, though I’m surprised people haven’t taken to carrying around suitcases so they can change with every major shift in weather hour by hour.

Several appointments this week meant I got out of the house more than usual—a good thing obviously. I had planned to walk going both ways but since I haven’t quite figured out how to be on time for things, I usually end up cabbing it just to get there, if not on time, then at least “less late”. I had the leisure to take long walks on the way back home ,which meant forays all over the Western part of the city. Everywhere you looked there was tangible evidence that Spring is truly here. In this city, a few days of warm weather are not a reliable enough indicator of such things, whereas the greenery and flowers rarely lie. Year after year I can hardly believe such a complete transformation—from the dead of winter to the frenzy of summer—is possible, and year after year nature does it’s thing and gently, or sometimes abruptly, forces us to adapt our lifestyles to her whims. Pictured above are a few pieces of evidence fallen from various trees which I collected in the park for a little photo project at home. Below are a few quick snaps taken close to Westmount Park, where many homeowners vie for “best front yard” award, to the great delight of anyone who appreciates lovingly tended gardens in every shape and form.

Spring trees_0222
Trees almost leafy

Spring magnolias_0217
Magnolias shyly peeking

Spring tulips_0223
Tulips a-bloomin’

All pics by Smiler.
Photos above taken with a Canon Rebel XTi
and bellow, with an iPhone camera.

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