Horrible. Beautiful.

Little Bee by Chris Cleave
At the heart of this story is an event filled with violence and horror which leaves at least three of those present; Little Bee, Sarah and husband Andrew deeply traumatized. The book centers on Little Bee two years later as she is leaving a refugee detainment center in Britain, where she has been kept since her escape from Nigeria following that harrowing event. Little Bee has nowhere to go, though among her meagre possessions she has Andrew’s driver’s license and address, so she sets off on foot to join the only people she knows who might be able to help her. This is the story of Little Bee and Sarah, who choose to hold on to each other and keep hope alive against all odds. It is told through both Little Bee and Sarah’s voices in alternating narratives. Once I picked it up this book, I could barely put it down. For some reason, the publisher suggests not to tell anyone what happens in the story and though I hardly see why that would be a problem, I do agree with them that “the magic is in how it unfolds”. Highly recommended.

I gate it: ★★★★½ the characters and their stories grab you from the start and live on with you long after you’ve put the book down.

p.s. apologies to those who might be interested, as this book has been reserved by a fellow BookMoocher.


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