Ok. So it’s already quite late, and I want to be up really early tomorrow, like 9 a.m. or so and I still have to get this blog post written, get ready for bed, and read a couple of chapters of Catch-22. So I must keep it brief. As it happens, I don’t have much to report, so I thought I’d just toss out a few a few random musings and observations.

1. As it turns out, Catch-22 is turning out to be a much more entertaining read than I was fearing it would be, for a book set in the war and describing life in the army. Which is cool because it’s an old edition and the fonts are so small I practically have to take out a loupe on top of my reading glasses to make out the text. At least all that work is turning out to be worthwhile. So far.

2. I ran into mix ex-assistant from my ex-job today and for once, I actually almost had my act together, appearance-wise I mean. I was recently showered and smelled okay and my hair was in a not-horrible state and I was wearing some new duds along with my beautiful leather jacket I bought a few years back which had been too small for me for the past couple years (up until now), so I looked very okay, I think. It didn’t change the fact that I didn’t have much news to report, but at least I didn’t feel like a total loser. Well, maybe like someone who’s taken a seriuos blow but who’s slowly getting herself back together again. Which is better than feeling like a total loser by a longshot.

3. No matter how I plan my day, I always end up getting to the post office at the last possible minute before closing, and sometimes (like today) up to half an hour after closing. For some reason it’s imprinted in my brain that closing time is a 7:30 p.m. when it’s actually at 7:00. It’s inside a pharmacy which closes at 9:00, so maybe it’s too much information for me to try to retain two closing times instead of one what with my drug-addled brain. It wouldn’t be such a big deal usually, except today I was transporting a giant, unwieldly (yet surprisingly light) box* and didn’t want to have to bring it back home only to have to bring it back again tomorrow. Then the nice young cashier lady took it upon herself to offer me to leave it behind the counter ’till tomorrow. Besides the fact that it was very nice of her and a big relief, I’m also glad that in our post 9/11 reality, she didn’t immediately assume I was a terrorist with an evil plan to blow up the pharmacy.

* Asa if you’re reading this: that box is soon on it’s way to YOU. And no worries, there are no dangerous goods there—just your bucket… which I hope you’ll be able to pick up this time!

4. Today I got really, really, REALLY, REALLY excited about… can you guess what it is? Facial tissue boxes. Even though it was one of my good days today the ONE thing that really made the day were those tissue boxes. No kidding. I use a lot of tissues because my nose is constantly running what with mild allergies to my two cats so there are tissue boxes in every room of my apartment, but the thing is, they’re always just horrendous looking. Not just bland. Not just boring. Not just sooo pastel. Not just kinda ugly. I mean… prints that look like reproductions of puke swirl patterns ugly. But today there were newly designed Kleenex boxes on sale (made with recycled fiber too! No doubt a smart response to harsh critcism from environmental groups) and they were actually visually attractive! As in… prints I might be inclined to put up on my walls! I won’t mention the fact that they feel like sandpaper after a few uses (hopefully improvements are underway). But hey! Kleenex boxes designed for the discerning environmentally friendly design connoisseur! No detail too small I tell ‘ya*…

*Well actually, an even cooler alternative would be to switch to handkerchiefs. I found an awesome site for handmade kerchiefs, but they only ship in the U.S.! (If somebody can help me out with that, let me know!)

5. On a much more serious note, there was a documentary on HBO tonight from 2007 called Ganja Queen about Schapelle Corby, the young Australian woman who was caught at a Balinese airport with some 10 lbs or pot in 2005. I’d heard about her story back then of course since there had been a seriously sick media frenzy. Weed is a very light substance, so 10 lbs is a MASSIVE amount. In Bali, the maximum sentence for drug possession is death by firing squad. Though Schapelle and her lawyers mercifully managed to evade the death penalty, she was condemned to 20 years in a Balinese prison with no chance for parole. I tend to believe that she’s not guilty and that the drugs were planted* as she stated in her defense, but regardless of that fact, it just breaks my heart to see this young woman (now 31) who was only 27 when she was sentenced to 20 years. By the time she gets out she’ll be 47 which is still relatively young of course, but that’s two decades when a lot of women evolve in their careers, date, find husbands, maybe have a few kids, and all that has been stolen for her. For a crime for which there are no victims, and a drug that is relatively harmless. For shame.

* Still, her plausible version of the facts made me take the firm resolution that from now on, I am NEVER traveling overseas without ensuring my luggage is locked and secure first. Scary.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, it’s taken me up till now, at 3:58 a.m. to put this “simple” blog post together. This is why I post so many quotes and video—so I can get some sleep!

Photo from: ill Seen, ill Said (a gorgeous blog by the way).
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