Wooly New Friends

New Friends
The pets just goofin’ around

New Friends
Look, he wants to play with your doggie!

New Friends
There all kinds of fish, whales, turtles… all with wonderful detailing

New Friends
Me like ephelants! His snout is pink and so are his ears underneath

New Friends
One large fish in a pond full of other fishies

I found these yesterday when I stopped over at the pet store. They had a huge collection of all kinds of animals like panthers and pigs, a bunch of ocean creatures (beautiful white whales, sharks, turtles, an amazing stingray)… also a sunflower, a tomato, and various sporty toys like frizbees, footballs, baseballs, etc. This was just a small part of the collection I saw at the store but they have much much more*. They’re primarily sold as dog toys and are made to last. What drew me in at first was the colours, which unfortunately don’t reproduce all that well here but are at once subtle and nicely saturated. When I got up close I was amazed by all the attention to detail and how unique each piece was. That’s probably because they’re made from felted wool (boiled wool coloured with natural dyes) and fully handmade by artisans in Nepal. Not to mention that whoever is designing them is doing a damn good job. The line is called Cheerful Pets, and I know they’re involved in community and conservation programs, but didn’t have a chance to actually go throught their site yet.

Of course figures my cats aren’t interested (the toys a bit big and hefty for cats, admittedly, varying btwn 6 and 12 in)—at around $12-$20 Canadian dollars, they’re not dollar store cheap but absolutely affordable for such quality items. I had to get a few —just couldn’t resist. Also I figured if my mum wants to have one, I’ll be happy to send over the model of her choice along with the next book shipment [got that mum?]. As it happens, I’ve posted close ups of each toy so you can appreciate the details. Anyone else interested in one if they don’t ship to your location, we can arrange something*. So guess what? I’m running late for my appointment! Never fails when I’m blogging!


*To see more, view their online catalogue.

**If you’d like a different model I can arrange to purchase and send over to you for a small shopping and handling fee. Just leave a quick comment here to say you’ve sent me an email (so I’ll know to check my neglected hotmail-box).

All pics copyright by Smiler, please contact me for usage authorization


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