Soft Landing

Greenhouse Visit 13/09
Yesterday’s visit to the greenhouse

Greenhouse Visit 13/09

Greenhouse Visit 13/09

Greenhouse Visit 13/09
Wearing my new sandals for the first time

Today was a much needed day of rest and recuperation after a three-day streak of high energy, exciting and event-filled days. Most of the excitement and events were taking place in my own head mind you, which makes it difficult to relate just what was going on that was so special, because on the surface, the beginning of my week looked more or less like any other week in the past couple of months but with a mani/pedi treatment thrown in just in time for sandal season. What made it exceptional is the fact that by unwittingly depriving myself of sleep, I had somehow managed to tap into my own supply of pure grade stimulant—as manufactured by my own body—and having experimented with it in the past, not at all unlike that larger than life feeling you get after doing some of that other addictive drug called cocaine.

As wonderful as it felt, and even though I had the good fortune of meeting a couple of fascinating people—one social columnist and one German intellectual/expert reader (a title you might acquire after having read a book a day from age six over the past sixty years)—which made for fascinating conversations. It all felt so intense, with all the senses magnified a thousandfold that I decided the smart thing to do was to get off the high wire act while I was ahead and have myself a good long rest. Besides, I have to admit that this sudden switch of mood seemed too good to be true and there was this cynical voice in my head that kept telling me “don’t forget: the higher you raise, the farther you fall!”

Then again, according to Chuck Palahniuk The lower you fall, the higher you’ll fly…


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