Things I Find

Almost as good as the real thing… I clipped this photo from an old magazine because I’ve decided to hell with the environment, I want to get myself this vintage Pontiac gas guzzler when I grow up. No, wait a minute, I think that’s the wrong story. The real story is that as I was walking on my way home yesterday, I saw this car on a stretch of road parked there all by itself with all these buildings from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s around it. Depending on the traffic lights, there were long intervals when there were no other cars passing at all, making it the perfect photo op. I immediately wished I’d have brought my camera with me, but once again, my iPhone came to the rescue. As I was shooting it, I was thinking of ways I could treat the image so it would look like a photo that was shot in the early 70’s. I played around in Photoshop for an hour or so and voilà! an amateur photo that looks like it was taken decades ago of the now defunct Pontiac something something (didn’t take a pic of the back end so can’t remember what specific model it is). If you like to play “what is missing from this photo?” feel free to compare with the original and let me know what you’ve found (hint: one major item and one minor detail were removed)


Pics by Smiler

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