Quad Mimi_0284
Mimi is also apprehensive about the change ahead. As for Fritz, he couldn’t care less

In just 36 hours I’ll be starting the program at the day hospital. A few weeks ago, it was easy to concentrate on the fact that it will be a good thing for me and should help get my life in order, but as the moment fast approaches when I’ll have to leave my kitties all alone and make my way to the Allan Memorial day hospital still half asleep after having gotten up at the crack of dawn there’s this feeling of impeding doom which seems to grow with every hour. My mother put it very aptly in an email to me: “it must feel a bit as if you were the barnacle being pried from its secure foundations on the rock”. I try not to think ahead too much although sooner or later, I’ll have to plan ahead enough to at least decide when I should be up and which bus I need to take and what I’ll bring for lunch. O Dread dread dread dread dread.

There’s another countdown—this one much more arbitrary—toward post # 1,000 on this blog. I’m now at 955 with this post included, so only 45 more to go. I don’t expect that’ll change anything.

I wonder if they’ll let me bring my laptop at the Allan so I can blog directly from the trenches, so to speak? Just a rhetorical question. I don’t want any of the other patients to get anywhere near my beloved laptop. I don’t play well with others and definitely don’t like sharing my toys.

Pic by Smiler
Taken with iPhone with QuadCamera application


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