This Was My Day

Day Program Izzy & Mimi_0357

The best part of the day: my girl waiting by the door when I got home.
Even Fritz deigned to make an appearance.

Tired doesn’t really cover it. They way I’m feeling right now is more like jet lagged. The main difference being that when I’m just plain tired, I’m in a bad mood and cranky, can’t really think straight, & don’t want to even consider doing anything that can’t be put off to another day. Whereas with jet lag, I’m beyond exhausted, yes, but my mood is better and I also feel switched on, wanting to do a bunch of things that could be done the next day (like visiting the Louvre when arriving in Paris or writing this blog post when it’s way past my new bed time!)

Day Program Library_0299

The building where I go for my day program is housed in what
used to be a Victorian mansion. Most of it was gutted and looks
like any dreary old hospital, but this old library tucked away
in a corner. It no longer houses books and is used as an office
but at least they’re not removing any of the original cabinetry.

The morning was mostly spent filling a questionnaire and chatting with a fellow cat lover, but the other participants were either helping out in the kitchen to prepare our lunch (BBQ burgers and hot dogs with salads) or in the workshop doing various arts and crafts projects (those are the Wednesday morning activities). There was Rob and Robert heading the workshop and Rob spoke to me at length and with great enthusiasm about wood burning as a fun project to do so I was much relieved to find out they also have pottery (including an oven and glazes), tile work, sewing, and many craft projects. Basically each person chooses what they want to work on (can be drawing & painting too) and can ask for guidance if needed. When I sampled the lunch, I was strongly reminded of how important it is to choose the best quality of products. Something I’ve always taken for granted at home.

Day Program Flowers Blur_0303

Day Program Irises 2_0308

Today was a gray and rainy day. Walking over to my afternoon therapy session over in Westmount,
a long row of purple irises caught my eye. Couldn’t decide between the impressionist or figurative version, so here they are both.

After School, the afternoon was filled with all kinds of mostly pleasant activities. Stopped over at my favourite café on Victoria street after therapy and read an Anna Gavalda short story (she’s a real pleasure to read), then headed home where I prepared a few packages to ship, then dropped them off at the post office. Then on my way home, decided to visit the local tanning salon* to work on getting a little base (just enough so I’ll have “normal” skin colour as opposed to a blue/green/purple tinge from extreme lack of sun).

Day Program Jackie Bronzage_0333
Meet Jackie.

Jackie has been working in this neighborhood tanning salon for 15 years. I’ve been a sporadic customer over the past 10 years and she has ALWAYS had the same look: the platinum white hair with the fringe (with or without roots showing), the dark dark dark orange tan, the neon orange lipstick, the long long neon red nails, a designer outfit (or something equally stylish) purchased at the Salvation Army. Really interesting lady. We chatted for close to 2 hours & I finally had to end it at the stairwell where I had my coat on and umbrella at the ready as was almost passing out from hunger. Now that I’ve purchased a package deal so I can go on weekly visits, I don’t know how I’ll ever manage to have just a “quick” tanning session…

Day Program Mimi 2_0343
Day Program Mimi Meow_0341

My little princess does her thing
& steals my heart yet again

When I got home, Mimi started meowing her heart out as she was waiting for me to open the 2nd door. Meowing her heart out more than ever before, that is. We’ve never been apart for this long since I adopted her. I managed to grab my iPhone to capture her enthusiasm for you all to see.

Now I’m off to bed. After I take care of a couple more little things. But I’ll be sleeping soon (I hope).

*Fully aware of the health risks.

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