We Wuv You Mama!


I wuv you Fwitz!

T’was a long long day filled with physical activity, mental stimulation, chores and tasks and fun projects. All this on just four hours of sleep. Not optimal, no. But we’re working on it. Just six minutes ago, I sat myself down to wind down in front of the boob tube expecting one of my high octane cop shows but it so happens the spelling bee championship is going overtime, so I’m watching that instead. It’s actually both exciting and wildly interesting… and there’s plenty of suspense too. I’m taking shots at spelling out the words before these little geniuses do and so far I’m faring not too badly considering I haven’t pored over dozens of dictionaries like these kids—and someone else I know quite well (hi mum)—and I have a so-so recall memory for words. Oh—hang on—and here we have it: (announcer) AND THE WINNER IS…Kavya Shivashankar! There. I’m sure this brilliant young lady will go places. Breaking news, right here on From Smiler, With Love!

Other than that, I got quite the nice surprise getting home when I found Fritz sitting just behind Mimi by the entrance this afternoon, and when I tried to pet him, not only did he not run away, but he actually seemed to enjoy it too! Then he let me pick him up, and then he started purring—something I haven’t heard from him in ages!—then the ritualistic face and hair licking followed (something I’m not particularly fond of but I put up with it for a bit because this is Fritz’s ultimate token of affection). I tried pushing the envelope a little bit and went as far as brushing him too and wouldn’t you know it, he was actually enjoying himself! And purring! AGAIN! I’m not even mentioning Mimi because she was being her usual charming & lovely self—which doesn’t go unnoticed mind you—but Fritz’s DOA (display of affection) was an amazing and… yes, newsworthy breakthrough today.

To all you non cat lovers: two days in a row with the kittie stuff… I know, and I coulda blogged about lotsa other things because God only knows there’s plenty going on in that head of mine since I’ve started going to my day program but this’ll have to do for today (that and did you check out the previous post? Worth the 98 seconds for sure!

Voilà! There’ll be more bits and morsels as we go along… of course.

Pics by Smiler using iPhone with QuadPhoto App


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