That’s what my brain feels like tonight. Even searching for a quote to plug into this box seems like too much work tonight. I feel very, very confused. Maybe sleeping all day is what did it. Or maybe I mixed up my drugs or took the wrong dosage this weekend in my general state of confusion? Doubt it, but could be. Never know. I do seem to recall falling over a couple of times yesterday, which was a little scary but also pretty exciting as reminded me of my days of too much drinking and toking when I’d start falling all over myself and laugh hysterically and then eventually make my way to the can to pray to the porcelain god and sometimes eventually pass out right there and then too. Oh yes. Those were the good old days. We’ll have none of that tonight hopefully. I’ll just be extra careful while taking my shower in a moment and make sure I don’t fall out of the bathtub (no wonder I hate taking showers so much lately). Then I have to take the recycling down before lights out, so if I manage not to tumble down the stairs I’ll consider this to have been a pretty ok day after all. Wish me luck.


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