Telling Not Showing

We had an art therapy session today. They handed us each a sheet of newsprint paper and a box of dry pastels, we selected a theme for our drawing—which is actually referred to as a sketch—the idea being we’re trying to communicate our feelings and not necessarily showcase our artistic talents. I took the trouble of bringing my silly drawing home through a 45 minute walk in gale force winds no less, all so I could post it here and show what I’ve been up to, but by the time I got here I it was around 3:30 and there hardly was any light outside as we were headed toward some rainstorms. I’m not even sure where the drawing is anymore and can’t be bothered looking for it right now because I’m too bloody tired. But hey, I made it through the day without falling even once. There we go. I guess that means it was a good day then.


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