Beets Please!


The best part of the day today was my beet salad. I don’t care how Obama feels about them, I’m crazy about fresh beets and could eat several pounds of them in one sitting. I started by steaming fresh beets—if you get the leafy kind, cut off leaves which can be steamed separately—whatever you do do not substitute with canned beets, keep the peel on for now and cut beets in half to cook them faster. When they’re done and cooled, peeling the skins off is a cinch. Slice them, dice them, cut them up as you like and put in a bowl. Add the best virgin olive oil you can get your hands on, lots of wine vinegar and pepper (I have a 5 pepper mix which is really good), add fleur de sel or sea salt to taste. Make sure you put in enough dressing ingredients to coat the beets well and also so you have extra dressing in the bottom of the bowl. Mix well. Mix some more (you want every piece of beet to be well coated with dressing). I did that part yesterday then stuck it in the fridge to marinate overnight. Today stirred and served the beets with sliced fennel bulb & apple, added some feta cheese, et voilà! Had a heaping serving of it tonight while watching Slumdog Millionaire (rented from iTunes). The movie was good—I’d say very good if it hadn’t gotten quite so much hype—a nice fairy tale, but the beets were the true stars tonight. I had to restrain myself from going in for seconds which left me room for a sorbet dessert.

Of course, if you hate beets, you’re out of luck today, because this post won’t do you much good. Then again, maybe if you try them my way, you’ll end up craving them too.

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