… The Continuation


8:11 a.m.
Here I was pottering about whilst trying my damnedest to get myself fed, medicated, showered, clothed and generally organized so I could get myself out the door, up that hill to the bus stop and in time for what I quaintly refer to as ‘high school’. Of course now that I had decided a shower was not optional and that my ablutions this morning must include a thorough dousing and scrubbing—the universe by way of nature has contrived to throw a wrench in my plans—quite literally. One minute I was squeezing pink grapefruits and oranges for my daily concoction—which includes a generous serving of Hemp Hearts—and the next I was doubled over and all but paralyzed by Cramps (be sure to check out Bikini Girls With Machine Guns) which were most definitely not part of my plans this morning. Of course, climbing into the shower at that moment, in fact doing anything in an upright position was out of the question. I could have panicked, I could have lost my cool, but was somehow clear-headed enough (considering what little sleep I had managed to get) to do what a big girl must. First, take the strongest recommended dose of Advil liquid gel-caps, plus one more for good measure. Next, iPhone in hand, plop down on the couch and leave a message at the hospital telling them I will be late, while praying that the as yet unconfirmed appointment with the much overbooked head shrink hadn’t been set for first thing this morning. And finally, as any self-respecting blogger would do, grabbed my laptop to tell the whole world all about the intimate details which have contrived to throw off my schedule today. All of this hopefully allowing plenty of time for the painkillers to take effect. There, I should be able to resume all standing activities now. I don’t know how we ever managed without gel-caps. Or iPhones for that matter.

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