Really Big Problems

It’s now 12:07 and I should technically be brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed right now. But since I get HBO there’s always these great shows late at night and right now there’s Da Ali G Show on. It’s sooooo ridiculous. In fact I absolutely hated it the first few times I saw it and refused to watch Borat, the movie for the longest time, but now I find I can’t stop laughing at how stupidly funny Sacha Baron Cohen is. The character Borat Sagdiyev from Kazakstan is a real cringe-fest (well they all are equally offensive really). Just now they’re at a wine tasting with a wine specialist and a black waiter just came up and… tell you what, you can see it for yourself here and you’ll get the full effect. Here’s one brilliant little nugget: “My mom doesn’t like me. She wishes she was raped by somebody else so I was never born”. It’s just incredibly rude and totally politically incorrect and stupid and offensive, but somehow these are all qualities that make the show so funny. But yeah. As soon as I’m done with this post I’m heading for the sack. Which… I’ll be done in a few minutes. Wouldn’t you know it, the show is over in just 15 minutes. Gee. May as well watch till the end right? And that folks is how I end up getting too few hours of sleep at night.


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