Little Beasts

Mimi Quad_0446
My #1 girl Mimi consented to strike a pose for me tonight. It’s funny sometimes just how different human and animal thinking can be thought. Yesterday, I finally got fed up with my bed-cover looking like it was made of cat hair so I laid a towel around the area where she usually likes to lie. Now she sits on that towel looking so proud of herself, as if she was on her own private little throne. Meanwhile, I just see an ugly towel on my bed which really doesn’t fit the rest of the decor. But until I figure out something prettier, the towel stays.

My ex-boyfriend, whom I split up with well over 18 months ago, is still sending me countless text messages, mostly saying how much he loves me still and will I be his girlfriend (I haven’t figured it out if he means that seriously or if he’s trying to be funny). The other day when he texted me for the umpteenth time asking whether I loved him, I made it clear to him, gently—and for the umpteenth time—that he could forget about us getting together as a couple ever again. Words more or less to that effect. But kinder. Sort of. Today I got an email from him—not his usual M.O.—no title, so when I opened it I saw a large picture of a girl that… for the first moment I thought might be me (but no, some other equally blue-eyed beauty) and his question: “Is she pretty? She wants to date me…” Really?? Is this for real?!? I nicely replied that he should be my guest and go fuck himself too while he’s at it (or something equally charming). I know that text message is coming any time now “What did I do?!?!?! Why are you being so nasty to me?!? What did I say?!?… etc etc” It should come any minute now. Anyone want to place bets?

Today for the first time in years, I came very close to adopting a puppy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a picture of him that I could show you, but trust me, he was a-dorable. Black and white with black patches on his eyes and a lovely pink little nose, much like my Mimi has. I was at a boutique and his owner and I were both in the changing rooms while this little dog kept sneaking into her cabin, then mine. I didn’t mind at all of course, especially considering how dog-crazy I’ve been in the last year. We started chatting (with the girl—not the dog) and as is turns out she came into possession of him just a couple of weeks ago when she was out on the Plateau at 3 a.m. and some random guy walked up to her claiming he had found the dog wandering the street and was looking for someone to take him in. Then she said “I really love him, but I’ll have to find him another family” why?? “I’m young [she is], I want to travel and I’m not ready for the responsability”. Fair enough. A few decades ago, when I was around ten years old or so, that would have been enough for me to say I’ll bring him home right away! I’m sure my mom will understand!”. But thirty years later, it’s the landlord’s permission I need, so I have to play it a little bit differently. So we’ll see. There’s no obligation for me, I have her coordinates and she has mine, if I decide I’m ready and this is the puppy I want and I get my nerve up to ask, and the landlord says yes (that’s a lot of if’s…) then it may happen. Either with this dog, or another one. So it’s a big MAYBE, but nice to consider all the same.

While I was at the boutique I got a couple of lovely notebooks. I’m crazy about pretty journals and I always keep a nice selection on hand. These two are hardcovers and the blue one with the butterfly says “Begin” while the green one with the bird says “Go Slow: Life in Progress”. I liked that. I asked to get 2 for 1 and got it! Heh, you don’t ask you don’t get, right? Click on the pic to view a larger version. The colours are much brighter than what I was able to get in no-light conditions.

Finally, not beast-related at all, unless you count the goats that the cheese comes from. As I’m writing this I’m having my delicious beet, apple, fennel and Greek feta salad. I got a picture of it tonight in my kitchen which is a far cry from anything you’re likely to see in Bon Appetit or Gourmet (and I won’t even mentions Martha Stewart Living). Doesn’t look like much but it sure does pack a punch flavour and texture-wise. Yum! That along with a nice cold Grolsch goes down mightly nicely.



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