Bad to the Bone

Every week there are movie rentals for a buck on iTunes, so I got T2: Judgment Day which is a pretty great action movie if you’re at all into that genre. This George Thorogood song comes on right at the beginning—a good fit for the scene and the movie in general too—and it reminded me how much I like that song. Kind of funny that I should watch a Terminator movie today of all days. Just this afternoon I was explaining to one of the nurses at the day hospital what my excuse was for sleeping in today (if they hadn’t called me to wake me this morning I would have probably slept through most of the day). There was this really good film with Miranda Richardson on HBO last night called Fatherland which explores what things might have been like had the Germans won WWII. A horrifying premise but well done. Only trouble was it was on past my bedtime (of course). Then I said “but hey, at least I broke my curfew for a good movie right? It’s not like I was watching a Terminator movie or anything. Ha ha.” I say there’s a time and a place for everything. Getting the timing right though, that part’s a little tricky.


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