This is (Sorta) Funny

After sleeping for three straight days, I woke up around 7:30 and decided to get myself in gear and off to the day hospital just a short while ago. Took my shower, had my morning OJ/grapefruit juice, fixed my hair, got dressed, got my lunch and breakfast ready and made it out the door (almost) in time for the 9:18 bus, but I wasn’t too worried about catching it since there’s also a 9:35 bus that gets me in not too too late when needed.

Just before stepping out I checked the weather report which was predicting a warm (27ºC) and overcast day. Then going down my steps I thought “wow, they mean it when they say overcast” and said out loud “gee you’d think it was 9 in the evening it’s so dark out” one of my neighbours, a religious nutter, was walking by at that moment and I know she heard me, but she just ignored me as she usually does. I walked a block further towards the bus stop as it kept getting darker and darker which is when I started getting serious second doubts. I ducked into the convenience store “I know this is a strange question, but is it morning or evening right now?” “Evening” said my Chinese friend with a chuckle. “Ok… how about this: what day is it?”.

Monday. Monday evening. Boy am I out of it. All those dreams swirling around in my head… sure have me confused. But hey, this way I’ve got a head start on tomorrow morning at least.

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