The Bed-In Before the Bed-In


This girl seemed to channel the whole hippie vibe lying in this bed which was at everybody’s disposal.

This photo-ready couple hopped into bed wearing their pj’s



some time newspaper_0492

White Piano_0487

stamped wall_0494
In this interactive exhibition there were many opportunities for visitors to leave their imprint.

Before my own bed-in experience this weekend, there was a visit to the Imagine exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts commemorating 40 years since the famous Elton John/Yoko Ono bed-in, circa 1969 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, right here in Montreal. I was glad to catch the exhibit when I did because it was ending last weekend, and though I wasn’t all that interested in it initially, when I found out that Yoko Ono had curated it, it became a can’t miss. I more or less ran through the better part of the exhibit because I was freaked out by all the crowds who’d taken over, mostly late-comers like me, but luckily I was with a fellow participant from the Day Hospital who had seen it already and didn’t mind going at my pace, even if that meant missing half of it and grabbing a few quick phone-camera pics of the other half. I had planned on posting them over the weekend but then… I couldn’t stay awake long enough to do anything about it until now.

Today I had a long conversation with one of the nurses and spent my entire therapy session trying to figure out why and how I could have slept for that long. I wish I could say I stay in bed to promote world peace but in my case, I stay in bed to promote my own inner peace, which would be fine if it didn’t involve a whole lot of escapism and avoidance and ended up robbing me of days and weeks of time which could be used to doing other stuff. Stuff you do when you’re awake and fully conscious I mean, because when I’m sleeping I seem to keep awfully busy in my dreams. I guess we’ll figure it all out in due time. Or not. Maybe I should start looking for a Sleep-Addicts Anonymous chapter in my area. Or better yet, I could maybe find a way to earn a living that way or at the very least find ways to make the best of it, the way Alexandre did and hey, if he found happiness by never getting out of bed, why shouldn’t I?

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