Friday mornings at the day program we have a goal setting session for the upcoming week. One of my goals was to NOT sleep in all weekend with a plan to go to the market so I’d make sure to get out of the house. I ended up sleeping ‘till late afternoon yesterday so that by the time I got up the shops were already closed, but I did have a small window of time to get myself to the market today. Since most of the vendors are eager to get out of there at the end of the day, they usually start shutting down at least 15 minutes before the hour, which only left me a few minutes to speed-shop. I stuck to the essentials: rosé wine (in season at the moment), marinated meats for the BBQ, hazelnut chocolate, a basil plant, and last but not least, a bouquet of peonies—my favourite flowers—which I got in the nick of time before they’re all gone ‘till next year. When I got home I kicked back on the balcony and had a couple of glasses of wine to compare the Masi (Italian, my favourite so far) with the Ménage à Trois (Californian). Then something truly exceptional happened when the neighbour next door—boyfriend of one of the twins—actually said hello to me as we were both standing a few feet apart on our balconies. For the second time in as many days. I was tipsy by then, but I’m sure I didn’t imagine it. Nine years I’ve been living here and finally I get a hello from my next-door neighbour. Silly how little things like that can make me happy. But then again, there’s nothing silly about being able to feel happy for any reason, be it big or small.


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