Me as a Pink Elephant?

Today in art therapy we were asked to draw what we need most right now. Very shortly before that we’d had a session on Affirmation where I discussed my need to re-establish the boundaries with my ex, who still thinks it’s ok to contact me whenever he feels like he misses me to ask me to take him back. I drew a pink elephant walking down a yellow brick road that has no beginning and no end. The pink elephant represents fun and escapism to me— a vision that comes to alcoholics when their liver is failing them —to me it’s the ultimate fantasy: one of my favourite animals in the world which I haven’t yet had the opportunity to interact with on an individual basis, I imagine pink elephants are like giant toys, ready to spirit you off to whatever place makes you happiest. The yellow brick road, of course, is borrowed from The Wizard of Oz. To me it represents the road to Oz. Oz as in Australia. In my mind it still remains as one of the most special places in the world I’ve ever had the opportunity to visit, and it’s all too easy to fantasize about starting over my life on that magical continent. In the drawing, the yellow path surrounds the elephant. The solar plexus chakra, which is represented by the colour yellow represents personal power. So by sorrounding myself with the colour yellow, I am surrounding myself with my personal power and thus being very clear about what my boundaries are. Which led me to think that maybe the pink elephant was meant to represent me! But I got really confused at that point because whatever fun loving part is still left in me is burried so deep down I don’t know how to access it anymore. But then again, maybe it’s closer to the surface than I even realize!

That’s it. I’d show the actual drawing to you but I didn’t think to take a photo of it while it was still light out. Besides, whatever you imagine the drawing to be like is probably much better than the actual drawing —in this instance, the concept truly is much better than it’s representation—but I did put luck on my side and had his trunk pointing resolutely upward.

Pic: +fatman+, Flickr


9 thoughts on “Me as a Pink Elephant?

  1. Mum: a pink peony? Me?? That's very sweet but somehow lacks that edge… like thorns or 2-ton weight which could crush a person at any moment. The yellow boundary IS very cool. All the more so considering the fact that it wasn't drawn that way from a conscious point of view.

  2. Jonas: you are very good for my self-esteem. Have I ever told you that? When my self-esteem is doing reasonably well that is, otherwise I think "surely that can't be intended for me"…

  3. Oh, I just "calls 'em like I sees 'em" (how's THAT for a good ol' Yankee quote!?!). You are your own worst enemy, Smiler. You've already done more, felt more, experienced more than many (most?). You've got more talent than should ever be deemed legal for a single human being.Your self-esteem has no reason to tremble. But you expect so much of yourself. You know your own capabilities and you know your own potential. It ain't easy living up to one's potential.I know. I suffer the same afflictions.

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