July 1st is our day to be gay and proud to be Canadian. Not that we’re all gay. Not that we’re all proud either. In my case, I’m pretty glad to be Canadian though I wouldn’t mind a dual citizenship. With the U.S. say, or any European country which is part of the EU, or Australia for that matter. Our Canadian passport does get us into places pretty easily. There was a time pre-9/11 that you could just flash your passport real quick and they’d wave you in without even looking into it. Canada doesn’t piss too many people off from a global perspective—we’re even seen as “good guys” in parts of the world where our neigbouring U.S. of A isn’t always welcome. But then a whole lot of people in the world have no idea where Canada actually is (“Is it an American State?” “Is it close to Alaska?”) but that’s fine by me. If they can’t locate us on a map then they can’t send nuclear missiles our way either.

Here in Quebec, most French Canadian citizens wouldn’t be caught dead celebrating an “Anglo” holiday, so instead we have Moving Day. That’s when the whole city is flooded with moving trucks and the already warm temperature soars up a few more notches. Beer sales are just as swift as they are in the rest of Canada. You find those who weren’t quick enough to reserve a moving service carrying stuff with any means available, sometimes on their backs. It’s the funniest thing seeing people struggle and huff and puff on a hot day to move a giant piece of junk which ought to be left in the garbage pile. Judging by the mounds of junk piled up on the streets on July 2nd, it’s fair to assume that people only discover the true value of their possessions (or lack thereof) when they have to haul them around. Moving Day is beer and pizza day since everything is closed down for the holiday, which is fine since beer and pizza is all you really want after an exhausting day of hauling all the junk you decided you can’t part with. There is always more of it than you could have possibly imagined.

Apparently, moving day is also a big day for the SPCA and other animal shelters, since many pet owners just “forget” to bring their pets along with them to their new locations. Probably because they have so many other things to think about on such a busy busy day? What with all those Canada Day beers? And countless boxes to haul around? Not to mention having to keep track of the movers so they don’t break anything? Right? I think these people, i.e. people who are capable of just “forgetting” Fido or Whiskers or Gertrude the turtle should be shot, or at the very least have their kids (or someone of equal value) taken away from them as they are obviously unfit to take care of other living beings. But we’re not going into all that because we’re keeping this post light and happy, since it’s a celebration today, right? Right. Happy Canada Day!

6 thoughts on “Celebrating

  1. Belated Happy Canada Day / Moving Day!And I agree with you, though those forgetful people should also be kicked out to fend for themselves as well.

  2. mum: the scent… so gorgeous. I have a perfume by Stella McCartney which is called Peony and smells very nice but doesn't hit the mark for me. Not even close. I was hoping Jo Malone had one, because I'm SURE she'd get it right, but no such luck so far. Maybe I should write her a letter to suggest it?

  3. Jonas: while it's true a lot of Canadians are very nice and a little on the bland side, there's plenty of us kooks around keeping the mix interesting, as I'm sure you've already found out.

  4. Bob-kat: I have many ideas for various forms of torture that could be used on them, but that's not very humane, is it? After all, I have to keep reminding myself that humans are animals too.

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