Stuff that Drives Me Crazy

I’m just about to go to bed and I’m so upset right now I just had to take a couple of moments to write about it so I can calm down and hopefully not be plagued by nightmares all night. I left the t.v. on after my show on HBO and a documentary started just a few minutes ago. They haven’t even gotten into the “meat” of the subject (so to speak, and the irony of the expression is beyond being funny right now) yet, as they were just introducing what the documentary was going to be dealing with. It’s called “Death on a Factory Farm” which gives you an idea that it’s going to be pretty hard core. This guy sets out to work undercover at a pig farm where an employee has placed a call to an animal rights group to complain about the especially cruel treatment that the pigs are getting on this farm and his mission is to film and record their cruel practices so that the people running the farm can be brought to justice. I just got to the point where they show the sows being kept in these tiny enclosures that don’t allow for any movement and where they have to drop themselves down if they need to lie down, and are forced to stay there for the entire duration of the gestation. I’ve already heard about this. I know many farm animals get treated this way but actually seeing it is a whole other story. I usually try to avoid seeing this kind of documentary because it just upsets me too much. I imagine this kind of movie would be hard to see for most people (other than the farmers of course) but when you love animals the way I do and “animals are people too” in your way of thinking, it really hurts. I had to switch it off at that point because just seeing those poor creatures being treated like concentration camp victims (except they get to eat—are often actually force-fed) and seeing them looking so miserable and so terribly abused was more than I could take, especially since I knew things were only going to get much worse from there on. Who needs to watch horror movies when there’s this real stuff going on right on our farmlands? I don’t get it. I know there’s incredible justice in this world being committed every single moment of every single day and I try to help out a little as best I can, but every time I see these stories about animals suffering I’m just reduced to a puddle of tears and just feel so helpless. And knowing how helpless I feel, I can only imagine just how miserable these creatures who can’t speak for themselves must be. I say let us stupid humans kill each other off, fine; the planet would be better off without us. But we have no right to take down the animals along with us. I definitely need to find some way to help make a difference. But somehow donating another buck-a-day or whatever doesn’t seem to be enough! Not much I can do right this moment, but at least, thanks for reading and if this encourages you to take any sort of action to help bring relief to other suffering souls, be they human, animal or extra-terrestial, then many blessings to you.

That’s my little unedited rant tonight just before bed.

Now I lay me down to sleep…


4 thoughts on “Stuff that Drives Me Crazy

  1. Props and flowers to the empathetic!Early in my career, I criss-crossed the countryside as a "pesticides inspector". It was quite the learning experience, the eye-opener and the sobering splash of cold water. We produce our foods in vast quantities as in a factory. And that's what agriculture has become…large-scale big business with all the trappings of sweat shops everywhere. I've been to the hog farms, feed lots, slaughterhouses, and monoculture extravaganzas. Those bucolic scenes of "family farms" exist only in Hollywood fantasies. The reality is dirty, bloody, horrendously destructive and utterly cruel. Makes one want to stop eating (if only one could). It's a cruel, cruel world for plants and animals and Nature herself. And that reality saddens me greatly.

  2. Jonas: "The reality is dirty, bloody, horrendously destructive and utterly cruel."I agree that is the case, but I hope and pray that we can eventually change that reality to something we can all stomach. There is no call for so much suffering. It is poisoning us all.

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